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My name is Katherine (Kati) Cabral and I am a life-long resident of Chelsea, MA, a Black Latina, educator, graduate of Chelsea Public Schools (CPS) and currently serve as your Vice-Chair on the Chelsea School Committee. This November 7th, I am running to continue to represent our community At-Large on the committee.  

My School Committee journey began as a Chelsea high school senior when I was nominated by my school principal to serve as the Student Representative on the Committee. As the only Student Representative, I had the opportunity to lift up the voices of my peers to ensure that the members on the Committee understood the impact of their policies on the everyday lives of students like me.  This experience made me determined to return after college to the community that invested in me, and served as a 7th & 8th grade Science teacher in Chelsea. I served as a role model for the next generation of Chelsea graduates that shared a similar lived experience while navigating a school system where very few educators looked like me. While in the classroom, I recognized that there were larger systemic barriers across Massachusetts that impeded the recruitment and retention of educators of color that could have the same impact in the classroom.

This propelled me to write my first op-ed titled “Where are the teachers of colors?” and be called to leadership by my community to represent District 5 on the School Committee. Since then I’ve become Vice-Chair of the School Committee to ensure that we meet our vision to know every student by name, strength and story. The last few years have brought its challenges, from revising Chelsea High’s attendance e-policy to reflect the needs of students and families, ensuring there are sufficient mental health counselors, battling chronic absenteeism, and retaining educators of color. Through co-facilitation of meetings, I have advocated for an equitable budget with a focus on mental health, inclusive curriculum, and innovative ideas to retain a diverse workforce.  

My experience as a life-long resident, a Black Latina educator, and a CPS graduate is why I continue to serve Chelsea Public Schools. Together we can equip students that are most impacted by systems and structures with the skills necessary to be life-long learners, active citizens and change-makers within the decision-making process. I look forward to earning your vote and support this November 7th.

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